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Substance Abuse and Dependence
It is estimated that one in four Americans will have an alcohol or drug disorder. Addiction is the repeated compulsive use of a substance that continues even though the addict is experiencing negative consequences. Every single person has the biological make up and potential to develop an addiction. We all have the neural pathways to feel pleasure and it is that pathway that is activated. Continued use induces changes in the central nervous system that leads to tolerance, physical dependence, sensitization, craving. and relapse. 

Addiction is a brain disease, not a moral failing of the person. It is a chronic medical illness and people may require years
of care. 

The Recovery Center of Westport has developed an addictions recovery program for adults and teens that is individually tailored, but also incorporates principles that have proven benefit to all individuals in helping them sustain recovery. 

Assessment for co-occurring mental health issues, history of trauma and loss, current disabilities, medical illness, and relationship stressors that can undermine recovery is essential. 

Today, there are medications that can help prevent relapse or provide maintenance. Such options are important to consider. The Recovery Center of Westport is unique in it’s ability to offer safe outpatient detoxification, suboxone induction and maintenance, as well as naltrexonevivitrol, and antabuse monitoring for relapse prevention. 

It has also been our experience that people have a better chance to succeed in recovery when they participate in individual, family, and group therapies. The Recovery Center of Westport offers all of these therapies. The acceptance by the addict of these modalities, as well as the need for transparency and accountability during the recovery process is an indicator of the persons readiness and chances to succeed in stopping the use. 

Addiction requires aggressive treatment if recovery is to have a chance. The Recovery Center of Westport has the tools to offer those who are ready to accept that challenge. 
"Anytime you get rid of the pain without answering its questions first, you get rid of the self along with it." 
Carl Jung
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