The Recovery Center Of Westport
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The Recovery Center of Westport     203-227-9902     728 Post Road East, Suile 205, Westport, Ct. 06880
What is Recovery?
At some time in life all people are wounded and carry within them some form of suffering. That wounding can be experienced in many ways. It can be emotional, psychological, or physical. Often, a wounding will impact us on many different levels. RECOVERY is a process by which healing takes place. It can be a way of processing the pain so that the wound can heal, as well as a way of learning how to live with the hurt, so that even in the midst of suffering a healing may be experienced. 

We, at The Recovery Center of Westport, offer compassionate care to each integral part of the person's life in the healing process. Whatever the issue, Recovery is possible. With patience, humility and compassion, our treatment team is ever present to support our clients in that process.
"Trouble makes us one with every Human Being in the world and unless we touch others we are out of touch with life." 
Oliver Wendell Holmes 
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