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Antabuse is a medication used to treat alcohol dependence. It is an effective blocker of alcohol's effects, and when taken, can halt the endless cycle of abuse so commonly endured by individuals struggling with dependence. It is a medication that should be monitored closely for compliance. We at the Recovery Center can provide that service.
Opioid dependence has been a persistent and problematic issue for many individuals in our society and appears to be on the rise in our younger population. Suboxone has become a much safer, efficient and technologically advanced mode of treatment that can be easily monitored by a licensed physician on an outpatient basis. Unlike Methadone maintenence therapy, which sometimes requires daily visits to a clinic, Suboxone can be safely prescribed on a monthly basis in the comfort of a doctor’s office. Also, individuals dependent on opioids can usually be safely transitioned to Suboxone directly, removing the need to enter into expensive and protracted inpatient detoxification treatments. This process is called Suboxone induction and our experienced clinical staff provides it. Suboxone maintenance therapy, which follows the induction period or is prescribed for individuals already on Suboxone, is yet another mode of treatment offered by our team. Always assessing for dual diagnosis issues and/or comorbid medical/psychiatric conditions, our experienced physician and supportive clinicians provide our clients with compassionate, safe and exceptional care.
Like Antabuse, Naltexone is a medication that can block the effects of a substance and halt it's repeated use as well. It is used in this manner to treat opioid dependence. It should also be monitored closely and we provide this service. In addition, Naltexone is also an effective anti craving agent for both opioids and alcohol.
Vivitrol is the latest, state of the art treatment for opioid dependence and alcohol dependence. It is a remarkably effective treatment and only needs to be administered once per month. It often has the best compliance rate because of its infrequent dosing and does not require as close monitoring.
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